The company's founders are husband and wife team; Vina – better known as “the infamous Vee” – and Jas – better known as “Mr Vee”.

The two have an unusual but dynamic life and business relationship! Their ability to balance and compliment each other has resulted in the success and growth at Vees! Vee is a creative, loving, talented go-getter that to this day is Vees Tandoori's secret weapon! Jas is a qualified electronic engineer with a natural financial savvy for business operations.

Vee and Jas started in the restaurant industry for 6 years, during this time they began supplying bulk samoosas to surrounding retail and deli stores. (at times walking deliveries across the road). At that point, the hours required in operating a restaurant business, had found its end for the couple. Vee and Jas decided to open a bulk manufacturing facility as they had already established a small client base and found that there may be a potential gap in the market for their vision and dream.

Vee marketed the products herself and through her interactions got the opportunity to approach PnP entertaining division, Vee presented her products 16 years ago and through her natural ability to cultivate and drive herself she was able to form the beginning of the still standing relationship between Vee's 'Tandoori and PnP.

Through the 16 years and the ever changing fsa standards and requirements, Vee's Tandoori has grown alongside PnP in achieving their 13 year haccp certified high risk facility. To date 2 of their 3 children have joined the business and will continue to build, grow and dream as Vee and Jas have taught them to do!